Worming & Flea Treatment

Worming for Kittens and Puppies

The main worm of concern in kitten and puppies is the round worm. Both kittens and puppies are born with round worms in their bodies which mature and spread to their intestines. The worms can only be killed once they have reached the intestines. Untreated kittens and puppies can be a potent source of infection both to other animals and to humans (especially children). This practice recommends regular worming of kittens and puppies until weaning and for efficient roundworm control we use the product Advocate at the time of the 1st injection and again one month later.

Worming for Cats & Dogs

Cats that spend time out of doors or hunt can be especially prone to infection with both round worms and tapeworms. Round worms in adult cats pose the same threat as those in kittens. Tapeworms are less dangerous but can be irritating to the cat as the segments crawl out from under their tail. The practice recommends treating cats for round worms and tapeworms four times per year. The most commonly prescribed treatment is a Topical treatment called Profender, which is applied directly to the skin at the base of the neck. Other worming treatments are also available as tablets and powders to add to the food.

Dogs which are exercised where there is any vegetation, including parks, especially those that are exercised off lead in woods, rough grazing or river banks are susceptible to infection with round worms, tape worms and other worms which are endemic in the fox population. To control this risk the practice recommends that adult dogs are treated four times a year. To do this accurately the dog should be weighed first (ideally at the surgery) and the dose of tablets calculated. The Pet Health Club plan includes 4 doses of these wormers ( & one dose is free of charge).


The most common parasite of domestic animals, is the flea which infests both cats and dogs.If found on a pet, fleas and their earlier life stages can also be found in carpets and pets bedding. Some individuals are especially sensitive to fleas and will scratch continually with very few fleas present; other cats and dogs appear to be able to tolerate large quantities of fleas without much scratching. Fleas will bite people and in some individuals cause a nasty skin reaction.

Flea and Tick Collar

Seresto is a novel treatment in the form of a collar which is applied around the neck and releases 2 “proven” active ingredients for up to 8 months. It has a number of advantages over Topicals:

– No need to reapply at monthly intervals.
– Up to 8 months treatment for less than the cost of 6 Topicals.
– This is the first tick treatment for cats that repels and kills ticks.