Dental Care

Dogs, cats and rabbits frequently suffer from disease of the teeth and gums. Every annual check up and vaccination includes an examination of the teeth and oral cavity. We have a number of foods, chews and hygiene products which are available to help prevent the development of dental disease.

The practice has a Bobcat Cavitron ultrasonic scaler which we use to remove the tartar that has accumulated on dogs and cats teeth. This tartar has a high mineral component and is much more difficult to remove than the plaque found on human teeth. Indeed prior to the introduction of ultrasonic scaling this plaque was routinely removed from dogs and cats teeth using sharpened chisels. After the teeth have been scaled they are polished using a Nouvag polisher which smooths out all the indentations on the surface of the tooth that have resulted from the accumulation of the tartar and the action of the scaler.